Check for these before you hire a felon!

Not everyone would be open-minded enough to hire and build their companies with felons. However, giving people a second chance is never a bad thing to do. However, checking for certain things before you start going on a hiring spree of felons is mandatory. Listed below are some of the things that you need to check before you come to a decision of being associated with felons?


There are a lot of vendors who would have genuine and verified felons being part of them. Instead of taking complete risks on your own, you could always get in touch with vendors like When you decide to work with felons it is good to go through a registered vendor as they would have already completed the initial process thoroughly and would have verified things too. Hence, doing a research thoroughly is a mandatory process when you are planning to hire a felon.

Check for the wages

Every job has its own wages to be given and even for felons there are certain standards that are set. You need to quickly check for the wages and make sure that you do not end up paying too less and this can lead to legal consequences. Hence, checking for the wages from a registered vendor like becomes mandatory.

Check for the timings

There could be a standard time for working too. You must have to quickly check for the timings and hire a felon accordingly. Some of the felons would be open to work as a freelancer and such people may not have to come to you as a full timer. You must decide if you want to hire them on part time of full time basis as it is you who is the employer. These are certain things to be checked before hiring felon from