Choosing the Best Vertical Climber for a Slim and Fit Body

So, how much did you pay for the Gym membership for a year? Definitely, not peanuts! And how much weight you lost all this while, can be seen from the frequent weighing on a scale, you are subjecting yourself to.
Very few machines are there, which give you a full body work out, cardio exercises and toning exercises, just do not come from using the same machine. So, let me tell you about the vertical climbers in the market. has just figured that out for you.

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

This is just that. On the high end, it is definitely value for money. These machines give you the feel of climbing up.This machine has a foot rest and handles bars, with which you have to push down the foot rest and manoeuvre the handle bars, giving a full body work out. The handle bars are quite resilient and anti-slip.
Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine 2.0

It is as good as it sounds. You can definitely conquer your weight issues with this machine. You work against your own weight on this machine. This one has adjustable and stationary handles as well, which gives options of specific workouts. The machine gives a quiet work out, as it is noiseless.

Merax Vertical Climber Exercise Climbing Machine

This machine can adjust according to the height of the person, exercising on it. And it supports the heaviest of bodies of around 220-330 pounds. So, it is very good for starters, who have a lot of flab to melt and sometimes pretty uncomfortable with squeaking of the less sturdy machines, when they perch on it. Along, with that, the bonus is that it comes in many colours, adding some fun to your workout.

Now, you have a pretty good idea about the Vertical Climbers. It provides the best full body workout, facilitates weight loss, occupies less space and can accommodate the bulky individuals as well. Make sure, to keep these in mind while in the market, the budget, sturdiness and versatility of the climber. has just made it easier for you paving your way to a fit body, having read this already.