Cigar Humid or Guy: The Best Way to Take Care of Your Cigars

All good quality cigars, are required to be protected in an efficient manner. Some of the containers are really good to look at whereas others are strictly known for providing quality functions. The people who are a little worried about costs, go for those which strictly provides with good functions and ignore the looks of the model. You can really rely upon to provide you with the best stuff in the business.


You need to understand that the cigars should be stored at humidity levels between 70%-72%, the room temperature is sufficient to preserve it. Changes from these parameters will make the cigar to lose flavor or essential oils or even make the wrapper fall off. If the cigar gets dried up, it will never be able to retain its original quality. It is also destroyed by the presence of too much humidity.

Tips to consider

You need to take into consideration a few things before you buy the humidor. You should find out the types and numbers of cigars that you are going to buy. The make of the humidor is of prime importance. You should preferably go for the one with cedar. It should be strong to use   and have a really great humidification system.

Filling up

You are required to fill up the humidifier with either water or one of the humidifier liquids available in the market. You should never make use of tap water for this purpose as it contains different minerals which might eventually block the passageway of the humidifier.

Before you plan to put in the cigars in the humidifier, the interior of the system needs to be made completely dry. If this has not been done, then the cedar may extract moisture from your cigars. The cigar humid or guy will provide you with all relevant information regarding these cases.