Dove Medical Press Is The Number One Medical Journal In The Market.

If you are talking about the best magazine related to science, technology and medicine information from all around the world, let us give light on such a kind of magazine which has its publishers all around the world and is also considered as one of the best magazines or journals of recent times which gives emphasis to science and medicine.

The magazine is also studied by many doctors and practitioners in the fields of technology and medicine and sciences. Yes, you got that right. We are talking about dove medical press. It is by far the best magazine, especially for applied medicine and science.

When was it found and its growth over these years?

Being a part of the Taylor and Francis group, the magazine mainly specialises in publishing repeated reviewed journals in the fields of science and medicine which is the prime object of the magazine.

The dove medical pressfound in 2003 and was highly and well accepted by almost all the doctors and practitioners throughout the world. The objective of the magazine was to publish high standards of editorial articles with the help of the best breed of new publishing techniques.

dove medical press

The magazine has offices situated in various parts of the whole world namely, Manchester, London. The magazine has representatives from New Jersey, Princeton etcetera. The editorial offices of the magazine are present in parts of Auckland and New Zealand.

Grab a print of the dove medical press today.

Dr Scott, who has been a full-time medical practitioner for about a decade and also who has an active interest in researching is the medical director of the same class of magazines. The dove medical press covers almost all the various sectors relating to medical sciences and the researchers based on which the articles are published are facts based on true events and also tend to grab the attention of all the people out there. Get yourself a copy and see why the magazine is so popular all throughout the world.