Get To Know the Rules of Playing Official Gambling

Gambling is something that attracts many. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money just by sitting at your home. These days online gambling is a big hit. One of the most famous online gambling or sports betting website in the USA is centsports. Now the fact is online gambling is not legal in the United States. One cannot use his own money to gamble. So to make it work, these gambling websites use the revenue from the advertisers to fund the betting accounts. As from the player’s point of view, this can be a great fun as there is no risk of loss.

Rules of online gambling

There are certain limitations that one has to follow while being a part of this online gambling:

  • Each player can have only one account. If you are found with two or more accounts, you have to face the consequences!

  • In the pick games, the player will have to open only one particular browser or tab.
  • For picks games, the maximum amount you can earn is $14.
  • If games are cancelled due to some reason, the sports bucks will be refunded to your Sports Bucks account.

There is hardly any risk in playing through legal websites. But yes one thing that should be kept in mind is that any violation of rules will subject to having the account closed and the winning amount will be seized.


All the games are played through the funds that come from advertisers. So you cannot have adblocker ever. If the website detects an adblocker your account money will be seized and you will have to start with an empty wallet. If watching few ads is going to help you earn some bucks, what’s bad in that?

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